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News (Archives)

Phishing attack

18 December 2023, sysinfo

Phishing mails are on the increase... Many are intercepted by anti-spam tools, but some manage to get past the various barriers in place. These are often the most credible.
The increase in Infostealer infections (information-stealing viruses) seen in recent months has led to numerous intrusions into the computer accounts of academic users. There have been some very recent cases at ENS. In some cases, these intrusions are used to send phishing e-mails which appear to the recipient to come (…)

Numerous infections by Info-Stealer Trojan

19 October 2023, sysinfo

There are currently a very high number of computer infections by Info-Stealer Trojans. These viruses are information thieves. They steal login credentials, VPN access, cryptocurrency wallets, etc., as well as session cookies and other data stored in Internet browsers. Once exfiltrated, this data is used by cybercriminals for malicious purposes.
Infection can occur in a number of ways: by downloading counterfeit software (versions not validated by legitimate publishers). by downloading (…)

A chat tool at IBENS

5 June 2023, sysinfo

A chat tool is now available at IBENS. It is based on the Mattermost software tool.
The usage is quite simple. There are teams that bring members together. They can then exchange through public channels (all members of the group have access) or private channels (only designated members have access). The team administrator manages the members and the channels. A team has been created for each IBENS team. This team has the same name as the one we use on the IT platform. Other teams may be (…)